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If You Want Your Ex Back Send Them THIS Text Message

Want your ex back?

Struggling to communicate with them over text message and make them miss you?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to share with you a simple text message that uses simple psychological principles to change your ex’s feelings towards you, instantly. Here it is:

“I am unsure whether I want to keep in contact with you. I’m sorry.”

But hold on! Put your phone away right now-–don’t send that text yet, because you have to properly set up the situation with your ex first so that the text will have the intended effect: making them miss you, and want you back.

So why does that text message work so well? Because it flips the script on your ex.

Right now, your ex is probably thinking that you’re sad, lonely, and depressed over the breakup… and that he or she has ALL the power to get back together with you or not. And, to be honest, if they feel like they have this power, they’re NOT going to want to get back together with you.


Human beings are hardwired to want what we can’t have. I mean… haven’t you ever wanted something you couldn’t afford when you were little? I bet you that once you were able to afford it when you became older, that item just lost some of its magic. After that, you probably wanted more and more and better and better.

It’s like getting that new iPhone… once you have it for a few months, the magic of having something new and interesting totally wears off.

And this is what your ex probably thinks about you right now. You’re probably that old iPhone to him or her… you have that broken screen, that battery that doesn’t last a full day, and you’re just full of apps that just crash like crazy.

Your Unavailability Is Your Power

So what you need to do is flip the script and make yourself more UNAVAILABLE to your ex…

If you become unavailable to your ex, it’s going to drive him or her crazy with desire…

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I mean, let’s use the iPhone analogy again…

Imagine you lost your phone. It probably doesn’t matter what condition your phone was in… because suddenly, that phone means a whole lot more to you. It’s got photos and memories… text messages… and the entire ability to communicate with the ones you love.

All of a sudden, that old, shitty iPhone probably means a LOT to you now, right?

This is the exact same psychological tactic that you need to employ to make your ex BEG for you…

But again, you simply can’t just drop that text and leave them be… that won’t work. You need to properly set things up right with your ex BEFORE sending that message.

Get On Your Ex’s Good Side

That means you need to make sure that you’re on good terms with your ex. If you know your ex is angry at you… then sending this text message may actually push him or her further away. Imagine you just cheated on your ex, for example, and then sent them that text message… chances are your ex will probably say “good riddance” and be done with you forever…

So you need to make sure that at the very least, you’re on speaking terms.

Second, you’ll want to employ some sneaky tactics to make your ex feel nostalgic about the relationship… so dropping text messages that will help remind your ex of the good old days will drive them crazy.

So sending text messages like…

  • “Hey, remember that day we went to Salt spring Island and we fed the seals there? Just randomly thought of that… that was amazing…”
  • “Hey, that night in LA was amazing… just randomly thought of that. I thought those comedy shows were hilarious…”

Obviously you will have to tailor this to your own situation… but once your ex starts thinking about the good times with you, that’s when you’ll want to pull the rug from under them!

I know, this seems pretty counterintuitive… but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. When your ex realizes how much they’re going to miss you is EXACTLY the time when you need to let them know that you’re not going to be around.

This works INCREDIBLY well…

I’ve had clients tell me that this tactic alone has worked to save their relationship.

Don’t believe me? Well, try it out and let me know what you think…

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