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5 Steamy Texts That Make Your Ex Want You Again

Do you know that you can turn your ex on just by texting?

And turning your ex on is CRUCIAL if you want to win them back.

But be careful…one misstep can ruin your chances FOR GOOD.

Texting Your Ex Can Have Powerful Consequences

Okay…so how can you turn on your ex through text messages alone? Well, I hate to break it to you, but isn’t as simple as just spamming them with a bunch of steamy messages and hoping for the best.

If you haven’t properly primed your ex – that is, if you haven’t been using some of the tactics that I outline in my Ex Factor Guide, then these text messages won’t be as effective as they could be.

And FYI, using these text messages IMMEDIATELY after the breakup isn’t going to work either. If your ex is still mad at you or if they don’t want to talk to you, then these texts will probably just make matters worse.

It all comes down to this: before you send these text messages, you have to make sure that your ex is in an “emotionally neutral” state.

When your ex is emotionally neutral, he or she won’t be experiencing any of the negative emotions that are common after a breakup. While this naturally comes with TIME and distance, there are a few sneaky ways to speed up the process of getting them into that “emotional neutral” state. And the best way is through a No Contact period.

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For the sake of brevity, I’m going to assume that you’ve already undergone a period of No Contact–that’s 30 days without calling, texting or contacting your ex in any way–and I’m also going to assume that you’ve properly primed your ex to the point that he or she is open to at least chatting with you.

So without anymore BS, let’s jump right into it…

Text 1 – The Intimate Memory Text

This is a powerful text that you can send to your ex that will force them to think about a romantic moment you two shared in the past. To better explain this, let me jump right into an example…

You could say something like…

“Do you remember that resort we stayed at in Kauai? The sound of the waves while we were falling asleep…I had a dream about it last night… Take me back…”

Now, the goal here isn’t to be sexual, just sensual. You simply want your ex to start thinking about the romantic moment you shared together and let his or her imagination do the rest.

The best way to do this is to recall specific sense memories of the experience, in this case, the sound of the waves. If your ex seems receptive to your message, you can delve a little bit deeper and get a little bit more explicit.

But again, if you go too far, you’ll blow it and your ex will be turned off. So remember that the key here is subtlety.


The goal of these texts is to use memory to evoke certain powerful feelings from your time together. To do this, we’re playing off your ex’s sense memories about the relationship in order to transport them back to a better time when the two of you were still together.

Think of that whiff of perfume or cologne that reminds you of a past lover, or the sight of a certain model of car that takes you back to your childhood. The power of the senses cannot be overstated in human psychology and that’s what we’re tapping into with these text messages.

Text 2 – The Clothing Text

This works better if you’re a woman… but it can work well if you’re a guy too. The key to this text is to get your ex to think about their favourite article of clothing that you wore. It could be a fancy, little dress that you wore out on dinner dates or even a comfy sweatshirt that your ex liked to steal from you… but to better explain this text, let me just jump right into another example.


You could say something like…

“I’m wearing that little blue dress you always liked, by the way! Hope you’re doing well.”

Or you could say something like…

“Remember that sweatshirt you always used to steal from me? I’m wearing it right now! And it’s ALL MINE!”

Of course, you need to customize this to fit your situation. Again, you’re using this information to unlock your ex’s sense memory. And this is a great text to send if you want to be really subtle about getting your ex to think about you intimately.

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Now if things between you two are going really well and your ex is being receptive to the above two texts, you can turn it up a notch by sending him or her this next example…

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Text 3 – The Picture Text

No, get your head out of the gutter, I don’t mean you should send your ex a nude or an unsolicited dick pic. Simply look through your photo album and send your ex a picture of a place where you shared an intimate moment.

It could be the view from your visit to Mexico, the cabin you shared at the lake, or even a romantic dinner you shared at a fancy restaurant. Send them the picture and say something like…

“Going through some old pictures and I came across this gem. Remember this place? I only have amazing memories here.”

Any photo of the two of you where you’re making physical contact will work here as well. Something a little silly is great as it’s less obvious that you’re trying to turn them on, even if it does make their mind immediately go to that place.

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Similar to the first text, the key here is to make it SUBTLE. If you’re being overtly sexual at the wrong time, you could blow it and your ex will go running for the hills.

Text 4 – The Winky Text

Again, this one is a little bit more forward so make sure things are going well between you and your ex. This text works wonders if you can have a little restraint and keep it simple.

You could say something like…

“You know what I miss most about our relationship? ;)” 

Alternatively, you could say something like…

“I miss you in that way. ;)”

Again, the winky face is key!

I know, it seems really, REALLY cheesy, but trust me, when you do say it in the right moment, your ex will melt like butter.

Text 5 – The Late Night Convo

I think we all know what it means when someone sends their ex a text message in the middle of the night… Since the implication is so strong, you don’t even need to hint at anything steamy to make your ex’s mind run wild with excitement.

So keep it PG and mysterious with this one… Something as simple as…

“I’m thinking of you…”

can have a powerful effect on your ex if you send it after 10 pm. If they seem open to more, don’t be afraid to get a little more risque, but don’t drag the conversation out for more than a couple of messages. The goal here is to get your ex thinking about what else you used to do at this time of night and then leave them alone to fantasize…

This text requires a bit of vulnerability on both your parts so save it for a time when the two of you have started to reconnect so that it won’t come off as sleazy or desperate.

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