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Top 10 Signs Your Ex Will Take You Back

Will your ex you take you back?

How can you know for sure? If you’re not certain, you could blow this chance and destroy the possibility of getting back with your ex.

I’ve identified 10 signs that your ex will take you back…or not. These ten signs are a green light for the future you want with your ex.

Ten Signs Your Ex Will Take You Back

The more signs that you identify with, the more likely it is that your ex will take you back if you play your cards right.

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Now, what’s the first sign that indicates your ex is willing to take you back? This one is going to surprise you, I think…

1. Your ex is angry at you

Believe it or not, if your ex seems to be angry at you, that can actually be a clear sign they’re still heavily emotionally invested in your relationship… and that they’re struggling with the breakup.

Obviously, this doesn’t really apply in situations where you’ve actively done something to hurt your ex… like cheating on them… but if their anger seems unwarranted or out of character, that’s typically actually a sign they’re not over you and may very well be willing to take you.

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I know you might think I’m crazy for saying this, but in my 12+ years of experience as a breakup coach, I’ve found that in the vast majority of cases, an angry ex is more likely to take you back than an ex who seems or acts indifferent and unemotional.

Of course, this sign is even more significant and meaningful if your ex is also exhibiting several of the other indicators I’m going to cover shortly.

2. Your ex wants to be friends

If your ex wants to be friends — especially if they seem really keen on the idea of keeping a friendship alive — that’s a very, very good sign.

It can mean one of two things: either your ex is scared of losing you altogether (which means they miss you and can’t stomach the idea of you being completely gone from their life) or they’re treating you as their “backup plan” while they test out the single life. Either way, this is a good sign.

Now, despite this being a great indicator they’re willing to consider getting back together, it’s almost always unwise for you to actually be friends with your ex.

3. Your ex tells you they miss you

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. If they’re outwardly saying that they miss you, that’s obviously a good sign.

Don’t be silly and respond to them by saying, “I miss you too”, though… that’s not usually a good idea if you want them back.

4. Your ex seems distraught or overly emotional (especially on social media)

This is super common. If your ex is posting My Chemical Romance lyrics on Facebook and being very obviously emotional publicly since the breakup, that means they’re struggling with the heartache and probably not fully committed to the decision to break up.

Any kind of obvious emotional struggle is a good sign for your chances of getting back together.

5. Your ex asks you to hang out

Clearly, if your ex wants to meet up with you, they’re still thinking about you and probably missing you like crazy.

This is almost always a very good sign, although you should be wary about being too quick to agree to a meet-up with them.

6. Your ex is clearly jealous

A jealous ex is an ex that still cares about you, and hasn’t fully moved on. That is clearly a good sign.

Sometimes, their jealousy can be hard to interpret, but it’s almost always a great sign. Even a little bit of subtle jealousy is usually a strong indication they’re emotionally invested in you to some extent.

In my best-selling program, The Ex Factor, I talk about something I call Covert Jealousy.

Covert Jealousy is a series of tactics you can use to safely incite a bit of jealousy in your ex in order to make them miss you and want you back.

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7. Your ex is asking mutual friends about you

Take an honest inventory and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you and your ex share any mutual friends?
  • Have they been asking those friends about you since the breakup?
  • Do they want to know if you’re dating someone new yet?
  • Are they trying to find out what you’ve been up to since you broke up?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you have another strong indicator that they’re not over you yet.

Obviously, if your ex is still curious about your life, they haven’t fully moved on yet and that suggests they may very well want you back.

8. Your ex reaches out to you during No Contact

I’m sure you’ve heard about my No Contact technique by now. Basically, it involves dropping off your ex’s radar for about a month after breaking up.

It’s a very effective tactic that I recommend employing in almost all situations if you want to get back together.

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If you make the wise choice to use this technique, and your ex is reaching out to you–especially if they do so multiple times–that’s a fantastic sign, and good reason for you to be optimistic about your odds of getting back together.

9. Your ex is giving you the “hot and cold” treatment

This is another very common one that many of my clients experience.

Basically, if your ex seems to be sending you really mixed signals–if they’re texting you “I miss you” one day, and then being cold and unfriendly the next–that’s a strong indication that they might be having second thoughts about breaking up.

In fact, this is one of the single biggest indicators that he or she wants you back.

10. Your ex flirts with you, or makes innuendoes and sexual comments

If your ex is making any kind of advances towards you, if they’re dropping occasional sexual innuendoes, or flirting with you, this is another strong indicator that they’re not over you, and may want you back.

I actually think this is one of the best signs that they want you back, because it suggests they’re still physically attracted to you and thinking of you as more than just a friend or an ex.

If your ex is making any kind of advances or being flirtatious around you, you have plenty of reason to be optimistic about your odds of getting a second chance with them.