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How to Make Your Ex Miss You Like Mad

Breakups suck.

They’re even worse when you wish your ex would come back to you.

But did you know there’s a simple way to make them miss you like you miss them?

If you are experiencing a breakup and want nothing more than for your ex to miss you like mad and take you back, then look no further than this article. 

Having personal experience in this field, and having helped hundreds of clients make their ex miss them and get back together, I can help you.

This Will Make Your Ex Miss You

I only request that you keep an open mind about the advice you are about to receive. Because I guarantee that these steps are tried and true and fool proof in making your ex miss you.

Here, I have three steps that are sure to help you achieve your goal. The three Ps. They are to be patient, be positive, and be proactive.

1. Be Patient

The first thing we need to realize is that in order for your ex to take you back, you need to make them miss you. And to do this means that you cannot contact them. You need to completely ignore your ex–disappear from their life.

And the best way to do this is to exercise patience.

Patience and self-control are two of the most important characteristics that you need to strengthen in order to make your ex to miss you.

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Patience and self-control will also help you in not contacting your ex. Being patient means realizing that this won’t happen overnight and understanding that it is imperative that you stay strong in your convictions of not showing weakness when it comes to your ex.

Regardless of how you are feeling internally (sad, heartbroken, empty, or even angry) if you want this to work, you have to present yourself as having yourself together and under control.

Be Composed

Keeping yourself composed is going to be one of the hardest things about your breakup.

That’s not to say you cannot be sad; you should sit in whatever emotion you are feeling, but don’t immediately react to it.

What I’m saying is you need time to process your feelings to be able to respond calmly and not react in a rash manner. Your relationship just ended, you should allow yourself a grieving period.

2. Be Positive

My second point is to be positive. That is to live a positive lifestyle. I understand that being dumped is like being on an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t expect you to get off this rollercoaster and to be able to walk straight immediately.

I do think it is important to take a few days, gather yourself, and sit with your sadness without doing anything.

But give yourself a time limit of three days. But once those three days are over, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get up and get moving. Sitting at home eating pizza by yourself and watching Grey’s Anatomy in its entirety will not help you get your ex back. It will only make you live in a fantasy world and possibly force you to buy larger jeans.

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While drinking to numb the pain might seem like the best option, this is for the weak-willed. Drinking to excess is one of the worst things you can do to win back your ex. It limits your ability to think proactively and makes you operate out of your emotional center. You want to be smart when you are winning your ex back, and drunk texting or stalking them is detrimental to doing so.

Be Selfish

To be proactive, in this no contact period, it is imperative that you focus on bettering yourself—mind and body. It is scientifically proven that regular exercise improves your mood by releasing chemicals into the brain, such as endorphins, which combat depression. It also has a calming effect by increasing your body temperature. So if you are feeling blue, hit the gym or go for a run!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Happiness is without a doubt the best revenge. Maybe revenge is a poor word choice, but happiness is one of the key factors in getting your ex to miss you.

If they see or hear you being happy without them, they will be completely perplexed and most likely start to miss you. And if you feel you are not truly happy without your ex, then you need to fake it until you have completed the steps to make them miss you and they decide to get back together with you.

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you”

So make positive changes in your life. More often than not, when people are in long term relationships, we get lazy. Laziness comes in many forms. Ultimately, we stop looking after ourselves, which is not good. Aside from exercise, you should try to reconnect with friends and or family, go to the gym, get some fresh air, meet some new people.

girl on rock being active doing yoga

Do all the things you stopped doing once you had gotten comfortable and or complacent in your relationship. Try to think of this breakup as a chance for you to relearn to love yourself, because if you don’t love yourself and enjoy your own company, how can you expect someone else to?

3. Be Proactive

My third piece of advice to you is to be proactive. And what I mean by that is to actually go out and make those improvements you have been meaning to make. In being proactive, I also mean you should get social. Hangout with friends; create new memories.

Get Social

In hanging out with your friends and adventuring more, you should also have a social media presence, so that your ex can see that your life has continued without him or her. But I caution against being too preachy with pictures of affirmations, such as, “life has never been better!” Just try and be normal about it. 

Here is an example of something not to post:

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”

-E. L. James

Try not to rub it in their face. But do be present on social media. Share photos of you outdoors and adventuring with friends. This is a subtle way to let someone in on your life without having to talk directly to them.

If your ex sees that you have not contacted them and are looking and feeling your best and they see you having a good time with your friends and family, then you will spark a little jealousy.

And they will ultimately be flooded with fond memories of you and question why and or how you got over the breakup so well.

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And like I said at the beginning of this article, if you are open minded about this advice, not only is it guaranteed to make your ex miss you like mad, but it will also help you to feel your best, both mentally and physically. And who doesn’t want that?


If you stay strong in being patient, positive and proactive, I guarantee that your ex will miss you like mad. And better yet, you yourself will be feeling a whole lot better about yourself than you did thirty days ago immediately after the breakup.