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What To Do If Your Ex Says There’s NO CHANCE!

You broke up and there’s bad blood.

Your ex says you’re NEVER getting back together!

Do you really have NO CHANCE of getting back with your ex?

Here’s what you should do if your ex says that’s absolutely no chance of getting back together.

What To Do If Your Ex Says There’s No Chance

I’m going to assume that you have every intention of getting back together with your ex. I know how difficult it is to hear when your ex says this to you. But if you do NOT want to make that situation any worse, then you have to read this article to the end and take my advice to the letter.

And I say this because I know you probably aren’t going to like it.

When your ex says that there’s no chance of getting back together… your best strategy is to BELIEVE THEM 100%.

Even if you DO want to get back together with him or her, the best strategy moving forward is to move on from your ex, date other people, and do everything in your power to make sure that you’re working on yourself.

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Keep in mind that there’s always a chance you could conceivably get your ex back – but I must say, if your ex has said that there’s no chance, then the chances of you getting back together with him or her is relatively slim.

In fact, in MOST situations like this, I almost always recommend that you should be moving on with your life anyways. It just isn’t worth the effort to try and win your ex over again when they’re in such a stubborn position.

However, it’s not always impossible to get your ex back in this situation.


But first, I have to say that you’ve already messed up – big time.

If you’re here, it most likely means you’ve done or said things that has forced your ex to say that there’s no chance of getting back together. Your ex probably wouldn’t have said that after a more standard breakup.

Chances are, you did something really terrible to merit that response, or you committed the cardinal sin of begging and pleading right after the breakup.

Begging and pleading is an absolute attraction killer!

The MORE you beg and plead, the less likely you are to get back together with your ex. I know, this sounds counter intuitive… after all, how are you supposed to get back together with your ex if you don’t actually try and communicate with him or her?

Well, when you beg and plead for something or someone, you’re basically saying …“there’s nothing of value that I can give you… I am pathetic and I need this, so please just give it up to me.”

Nobody in their right mind is going to respond well to that sort of behaviour. I mean, put yourself in the position of your ex… would you take back someone who was that desperate? If you’re being honest with yourself, the answer to the question is HELL NO.

You should stop trying to trick your ex into changing their mind and instead make them regret ending things with you by improving yourself.

Work On Yourself

What you need to do if you want to have any hope of a happy life (and a second chance with your ex), is to absolutely forget about your ex and move on. And the faster you do this, the better off you’ll be.

Here are some quick fire tips that you can do right now to sort of expedite this process…

  1. Go to the gym and focus on your fitness. Looking good will not only re-attract your ex, but other singles as well.
  2. Eat well. There’s no better time than now to focus on your health. You’ll look and feel better for it.
  3. Hang out with friends and family. Now’s a great time to reconnect with people you’ve spent little time with since your last relationship. Building social connections is incredibly important right now.
  4. Meet new friends. Make sure you’re putting an effort to join clubs, sports teams, or fun classes. Meeting new people is one of the best distractions.
  5. Focus on your career or school. Sure, it’s easy to mope around and feel sorry for yourself… but nothing productive will become of it. Focussing on things like work and school will have your future self thanking you… and your ex might even notice as well.
  6. Download Tinder and start dating. Don’t be too picky with who you date. Just go out, make friends, and have some fun.
  7. Don’t Overindulge. It’s okay to drink every once in awhile if that’s your thing, but going too far down this road is unproductive and unhealthy. Instead, use your social life as a distraction instead.
  8. Pick up a new hobby. If you’ve always wanted to take up painting, now’s your chance to pick up that easel at the art store! Who knows, you might even meet someone there.
  9. Do NOT under any circumstance contact your ex. No exceptions. If they’re willing to say something as extreme as “there’s no chance between us”, then you can bet that they probably don’t want to be talking to you right now. This is all part of my No Contact Method.

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do in a situation like this. So if you feel like your situation is unique… or you really think that your ex didn’t mean what they said, then your best bet is to hire me as your breakup coach…

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