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Attract Your Ex Back By Doing These 4 Things

You want your ex back but they refuse

Do you want your ex to change their mind about breaking up?

Do you want them to BEG take you back?

If so, then you need to re-build their ATTRACTION for you. I’ll give you four easy ways to make this happen.

4 Tips To Attract Your Ex Back

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First, here’s a reality check:

No amount of logic and reasoning is going to convince your ex that they should give your relationship another shot…

instead, you have to tap into their EMOTIONS, and essentially make your ex fall back in love with you so that they’ll ignore logic and give in to their feelings. That’s how you repair a romantic relationship… and there really isn’t any other way to win your ex back.hands-touching-reaching-out

What this means, practically speaking, is that you need to re-build mutual attraction with your ex to the point where they decide, on their own, to take you back.

When I say “attraction,” I’m referring to both physical and emotional attraction…

Basically, you need to bring back the “spark” that your ex felt during the early days of your relationship.

And the tips and techniques I’m about to share will help you create this type of natural, organic attraction.

TIP #1: Disappear.

The first thing you need to do in order to re-build attraction with your ex is to stop speaking with them.

I know you may be skeptical about how this can actually be possible, so let me explain briefly WHY The No Contact Method can actually make your ex attracted to you…

First of all, when you simply vanish from your ex’s life all of a sudden, you’re “shocking” him or her into realizing what life is like when you’re not around.

Employing No Contact gives your ex time to let go of the negative memories that may have led to your breakup, and revive some of the happier, more nostalgic ones.man leaving woman alone

It’s human nature to subconsciously purge negative memories over time, so by ignoring your ex you’re simply allowing this to happen naturally.

The result is that your ex will start to forget about the significance of the negative aspects of your relationship that led to the breakup, and focus more on the happy times you shared together.

This technique also taps in to another element of human nature, which is the desire to want what you can’t have.

I know this is a bit of a cliché, but several research studies have shown that both men and women are more attracted to members of the opposite sex that aren’t romantically available

By disappearing from your ex’s life, you’re making yourself appear less ‘available’, which helps to subconsciously make your ex more attracted to you.

In some cases (like if you two still live together) it can be difficult or impossible to avoid your ex. In this case, just limit contact as much as possible.

TIP #2: Leverage JEALOUSY.

By using what I call “Covert Jealousy”, you can make it appear to your ex that you’re being pursued by other guys or girls, and thus causing your ex to question whether it was a good idea to end the relationship with you.

Now, you have to be careful and strategic when you’re using jealousy to re-build your ex’s attraction for you, because there is the potential for this tactic to backfire on you if you’re too obvious about it.

That being said, though, jealousy is extremely powerful and can absolutely help change your ex’s mind and make them want you back

As I said, humans have an ingrained tendency to want what we can’t have — and if your ex thinks you’re seeing someone new, that makes you seem ‘unavailable’, and thus more desirable in the eyes of your ex.

But equally importantly, by making it appear to your ex that you’re dating someone new or even just hanging out with members of the opposite sex, you’re also tapping into something called “pre-selection”.woman biting her nails

Pre-selection is a scientifically-proven phenomenon that essentially makes all humans subconsciously more attracted to people who are already being pursued by others.

In other words, if I’m being chased by 10 gorgeous women who all want to date me, you’re going to naturally assume that I’m a great guy…. And that will make you more likely to find me attractive.

TIP #3: Make your ex feel FOMO.

FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out”, can also help re-build your ex’s attraction for you. To make your ex feel FOMO, you can do something as simple as post a photo of you doing something fun or exciting on Instagram, knowing your ex is going to see the photo sooner or later.

You can also subtly drop references to interesting stuff you’ve been doing since the breakup, or refer to new friends you’ve been hanging out with lately when next time you’re talking with your ex.

Click here for more info about how to use FOMO to reattract your ex.

TIP #4: Flirt and build real sexual tension.

One thing I’ve learned in my 12 years of breaking coaching is that almost everyone underestimates the importance of flirting.

When you get to the point where you’re talking to your ex regularly again–of course, this will only be the case when you finish employing No Contact–you need to focus on flirting and building sexual tension with your ex.

That means that when you hang out with your ex, you need to be showing them a good time by being upbeat and fun.

There shouldn’t be any serious talk or drama or bickering… instead, you want your time together to be enjoyable for your ex, and you need to flirt with them like crazy as much as possible.

It can be helpful to treat these in-person hangouts with your ex like they’re a first date with someone new.

The difference, though, is that you also have a shared history together that you can use to help crank up the sexual tension with your ex.

By dropping subtle hints at some steamy sexual encounters you had previously with your ex, or by being playfully flirty by touching your ex and reminding them of the intimate connection you shared, you’ll be able to quickly create the kind of sexual tension that will make your ex desperate to get you back into their bed.


In short, don’t underestimate the power of flirting and creating physical attraction with your ex. They’re essential to making your ex want to take you back.