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10 Texts to Fill Your Husband With Desire

Have you ever received a text message that just made your heart flutter…

It was as if there were no other words in the world that could make you feel so special and happy.

Now imagine that you had the power to make your husband feel those special butterflies for you anytime you want…

I’m going to give you 10 text messages to send your husband to ignite that desire that you may have lost with him. Or if you just want to make him smile… these text messages can do that as well.

Fill Your Husband With Desire With Theses Texts

Now, simply sending text messages like this won’t fix your marriage alone. If your relationship is in dire straits, no single text message is going to repair the damage overnight.

A more comprehensive approach is obviously required for that. But these are great text messages that you can send right now that can have a massive impact on how your husband perceives and desires you.

So without further ado, here are 10 messages that you can send him right now that’ll hopefully brighten up his day and make him desire you tonight.

1. The Appreciation Text

There’s one thing that men want more than sex, money, and their favourite sports team winning…  APPRECIATION.

Respect and appreciation are incredibly important to a man. If you make him feel like his good work is noticed and appreciated, you will make him feel like the masculine and powerful dude that he is.


This is something a man NEEDS to feel on a regular basis – he needs to feel like he’s being a manly provider otherwise his passion will die off faster than you can say, “Appreciation Text”!

It can be something as simple as this…

“I appreciate you and your hard work… everything you do for me is incredible. Thank you.”

Try sending this in the middle of his work day and watch as his desire level for your skyrockets when he gets home.

2. The Anticipation Text

Depending on how long you’ve been married, you may have noticed that the passion and intimacy have waned. This is completely normal and expected. But if you’ve been following my advice on YouTube, you’ll know that having a rich and vibrant sexual relationship with your partner is important.

And if you aren’t that sexual with your partner anymore but you’re both completely happy, then that’s fine too… but it never hurts to add in a little bit more spice into your life.

Try sending a text like this…

“I’m in a frisky mood. I can’t wait to see you later…”

Always leave something for the imagination and I can promise you that he’ll be pouncing on you as soon as he sees you!

3. The Future Text

Married life is great – but sometimes it can get mundane and repetitive. That’s why it’s always a great idea to make sure you both have something to look forward to. In this text message, make an easy but fun and exciting date plan.couples-trip

Or, better yet, if you already have a plan in the future, talk about how excited you are to do it.

You could say something like…

“I can’t wait for our amazing trip to Italy this summer. You, me, some sunshine on the Amalfi coast, and some romance to boot!”

Or you could say something like…

“Your favourite show is on tomorrow night. Pizza, wine, and snuggles? =D”

This may seem simple but if you send texts like this consistently, you’ll start to connect on a deeper level, trust me. It’s the small stuff that does the most to create intimacy with your spouse.

4. The Skill Text

You not only want to make it known that your husband is appreciated, but you also want to make sure that he knows he’s also equally as competent. Playing the distressed, helpless lady will allow him to grow into this masculine disposition… you could say something as simple as…

“I seriously cannot seem to get this app to open on my phone. Can I get your help when you’re home, love?”

Or something like…

“I can’t open this jar of honey your mom got for me. I need your big, strong arms to do it for me!”

I know, you can definitely figure out all of these things out on your own, but the point here is to make your husband FEEL like he’s good at something. When he feels like he’s competent, it activates a powerful mechanism in his mind and he will be ridiculously addicted to that feeling.text-message

And only YOU, his wife, can give that sort of feeling to him!

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5. The Memory Text Message

In this text, you’re going to want to force your husband think of time you both spent together… a time when you guys were at your happiest. It could be that camping trip you took 3 summers ago, or that dinner by the beach in Greece.

Reminding your husband of this important memory will not only make him feel good, but he’ll also feel more committed to the marriage – after all, when you’ve put in some much time and effort into something, the MORE you feel “pot committed” to it.

Now, there isn’t much of an example that I can give you here – only YOU can come up with a powerful Memory Text.

But you want to be as detailed as possible. For example, describe the smells, temperature, and mood of the environment you shared. Talk about how it made you feel and how much you so badly want to bring that memory back. If you do this correctly, he’ll be running to you for more and more in no time.

6. The “I Do” Text

This is just a simple text message that will give him the “warm fuzzies”.

Say this when he least expects it…

“If you went down on one knee again right now, I would say ‘I do’ all over again. I hope you know that.”

Short, simple, and sweet. Reminding your husband that you’d commit to him for life… AGAIN… is an extremely powerful message that you can send to him right now. You can thank me later for this one.

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7. The Hard Times Text

This is a great text to send your husband after a hard conversation or argument. And yes, we all get into these arguments with our spouses. And although you can’t always avoid arguments with your husband, HOW you conduct your argument or conversations is something you CAN control.

So the next time you have an argument with your husband, text him the next day… say something like…

“I know that was rough last night, but I’m so glad we are on this journey together. I love you so much despite whatever happens.”

This text obviously won’t save your marriage, but it can help to reframe the argument in a more positive light. Remember, in any argument, you are responsible for 50% of the conversation. And what you do with your 50% of the argument can make your break your marriage.

8. The Uplifting Text

The name suggests, this text is something that you could send to your husband if he’s having a rough day.

You could say something like…

“I know you’re feeling burdened today. I know how overwhelmed you might be feeling right now, but I’m just here to let you know that I’m here for you.”

Or you could say something like…

“You always lift me up when I’m down. So I’m just letting you know that I love you and that if you need anything at all from me, just let me know.”

Simple as that! Give it a try.

9. The “More Men Like You” Text

You not only want to make you husband feel like he’s a special person to you… but you want to make it known to him that he’s even MORE special and competent than the OTHER men. See, men are inherently competitive, and by playing to this psychological tick, you can make him even MORE infatuated with you.

So, for example, you could say something as easy as…

“If more guys in the world were like you, the world would for SURE be a better place!”

Or you could be even more specific and single out something he REALLY cares about. You could say something like…

“If more men were as intelligent as you, the world would be a far better place to be in. That’s for sure.”

And just a random aside, make sure that all of these text messages you’re sending are REAL, genuine, and thoughtful. The more thought you put into these text messages, the more of those “warm fuzzies” he’ll feel!

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10. The Service Text Message

People just love having stuff done for them. And your husband is absolutely no exception. So get your husband pumped up for all the cool things that you’re going to do for him that night…

It could be a text about putting the kids to bed, something about what you’ll do for him in the bedroom later on in the evening, or something about doing the laundry for him that night. It’s all about figuring out how to please your husband.

Remember, although it is empowering to have HIM to do stuff for you, you have to acknowledge that you’re a team and that you’re not only WILLING to pull your weight, but you’re HAPPY to as well!