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Can You Make Someone Fall In Love with You?

Love Lightbulb

Can you make someone love you?

If only it were as easy as flicking a light switch on and off…

Love is the focal point of almost everyone’s life, yet nobody seems to really understand it. Poets have written about it. Philosophers have discussed it to no end. Musicians have sung countless ballads on the subject.

Love Is Complicated

Despite humanity’s best efforts to paint the most detailed picture of what love is, there are some questions that can’t be easily answered: What causes someone to fall in love with you? What keeps that person in love with you? And if someone falls out of love with you, how can you get them back?

These are questions that don’t have a definitive answer, but it’s been proven that love can be broken down and analyzed from a biological and scientific perspective.

For this, let’s take a look at our human history. You see, throughout evolution, human beings have banded together in groups to improve their chances of survival and procreation. After all, a family that stays together (and loves each other) has a higher chance of both than a family that breaks apart.

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Love is the engine that keeps these social groups together. Love isn’t just a warm, fuzzy feeling that you experience when you meet someone that tickles your fancy. It’s an actual tool – a biological mechanism that upholds the institution of family and ultimately, the survival of our species.

Although love keeps the human race going, it can also cause great distress when there is a lack of it. The problematic issue with love is our lack of control over it. You simply can’t “unlove” a person, and you definitely can’t force yourself to fall in love with someone that you just don’t have feelings for. If love was that easy to obtain and let go of, then falling for someone wouldn’t be all that special, would it?

You Can Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Think about it this way: most people believe that love is real and tangible but love at first sight is still a hotly debated issue. So if most love is not love at first sight then how does it happen?

Love is built over a period of time. You meet someone with whom you share a spark and then spend time getting to know one another. If this attraction and camaraderie continue to build, you grow closer and more strongly bonded. As time goes on, with a little luck and a lot of communication, love forms.

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That said, love takes two to tango. It requires the willing participation of both parties to create, and it requires a foundation of mutual attraction. You can’t force love but you can build it together. That’s what dating, relationships, and marriage are all about.

The Mechanism of Love

Let’s talk about what causes someone to fall in love. Believe it or not, love has nothing to do with buying gifts for another person or wearing the nicest smelling perfume on a date. Our goal here isn’t to discover how to make someone “like” you – getting someone to be your friend is relatively effortless compared to making someone fall in love with you. Our focus is only on love – and more specifically, how we can make someone fall in love with us.

falling in loveThe feelings of love a person feels actually stem from the production of certain hormones in their brain. Once you learn how to make someone’s brain produce these hormones, your chances of making them fall in love with you increases tenfold.

The most important hormone responsible for love is oxytocin. To demonstrate the importance of oxytocin, scientists conducted a research study involving prairie voles – a species of rodent known for having lifelong, monogamous relationships with each other. The voles in the study were injected with a drug that inhibited the effects of oxytocin in their brains.

…and the results were quite telling.

oxytocin-love-moleculeThe voles that were injected with this drug were much more likely to leave their partners for other voles. In short, the lack of oxytocin made for a tenuous relationship.

Human beings are no different. The more oxytocin that’s produced in our brains, the more affectionate we feel… and the more “in love” we feel. And once this hormone is produced in the brain, a person has no choice but to have these intimate feelings for the person that caused it.

So now the obvious question is what can you do to produce oxytocin in another person’s brain? Well, there are certain activities that produce oxytocin in a person’s brain. One of the most powerful activities is sex – sex produces a natural “high” that can lead to a massive production of oxytocin in both men and women. But this doesn’t mean that everything you should be doing should be geared towards getting a person in the sack. No, a bad sexual encounter can often have negative effects on a relationship. So although sex is important, you need to approach it with the right attitude if you want to ensure maximum production of oxytocin.

flirting touchThe second thing you can do is touch the person you’re interested in. Yes, simply touching another person can produce waves of oxytocin. Cuddling, in particular, can produce massive amounts of oxytocin – so get cuddling!

Third, doing something out of the ordinary can produce a natural high as well. Going to an amusement park or doing an unusual activity can often stimulate the production of the love hormone. So the next time you’re trying to think of where to go on a date, instead of doing something boring (like tea), do something more exciting and fun.

Obviously, oxytocin production is a very small portion of what “love” is. Sexual attraction is a crucial component – but people often categorize sexual attraction as a strictly physical thing. Yes, being physically attracted to someone can make for a strong connection that can often lead to love, but there are several traits that both men and women possess that contribute to that warm, fuzzy feeling. For example, for men, being independent and socially adept is very attractive to women, whereas for women, being nurturing and optimistic is a strong aphrodisiac for men.

Most of my clients usually ask me how they can make their ex lover fall back in love with them. I always tell them the exact same thing: watch the free video presentation on my website to learn how you can use oxytocin to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to fall back in love with you.

Again, love is a code that can’t be easily cracked. It’s more than just touching, sex, and adventure. While all of those components are important, sometimes the catalyst for true love is unexplainable… but I can guarantee you that oxytocin plays a role.

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