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3 Ways To Make An Ex Miss You

Making your ex miss you is the best way to get them back.

I’m going to share with you 3 proven ways to make your ex miss you.

These are effective for just about any situation

3 Ways To Make An Ex Miss You

Before I get into the first way to force your ex to miss you, there’s 2 quick things I want to remind you of.

Remember that subtlety is key if you decide to put any of these techniques I’ll explain shortly into practice yourself. In other words, you have to be cool and under-the-radar. Act natural and make sure your ex doesn’t think you’re actively doing anything to try and change their feelings or get them back.

#1: Remind Them of A Happy Memory or Steamy Encounter

Presumably, you and your ex had a lot of happy times together. You had fun, you had intimacy and romance, you have many positive shared memories. Tap into those memories in the back of your ex’s mind by reminding them, and you can force them to relive the moment and remember how amazing it was. What better way to make someone miss you than to remind them of an incredibly fun or happy time you shared?

Not only does this bring you back to the forefront in their mind when they’re reminded, but it also associates you — the thought of you — with those positive emotions and feelings that come with the memory and the nostalgia.

This is honestly a very simple, and straightforward way to make your ex think about you and reminisce about your happy times together… the only challenge is finding the right way to bring up the memory with your ex. Like I said earlier, you need to be subtle and natural about it so as not to reveal your true intention.

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It’s best if you can come up with some reasonable and interesting excuse for reminding your ex of whatever happy memory you choose… so, for instance, maybe you and your ex spent a romantic night camped out in the desert watching the stars. If you book the same campsite this summer, you have a perfect excuse to remind your ex… just send them a text saying something like, “Remember that incredible campsite in the desert? Our pillow fight under the stars night? Going back this summer!! Just booked it.”

#2: Make Your Ex Feel FOMO

What else makes someone miss you? Hearing about fun times you’re having without them. Hearing you’re hanging out with new friends, doing interesting stuff, living the life… starting to go on dates again…

I don’t think I need to explain this one much, but basically you’re tapping into the human “FOMO” trait…. We all feel the “fear of missing out” now and then when we’re not included in something awesome with friends or family. It’s a natural human reaction hard-wired into our psychology.

If you go out and do awesome fun things and live a busy social and dating life… and your ex learns about it… 99 times out of 100, they’re going to feel a twinge of FOMO and wish they were there. Along with that feeling of missing out is a feeling of missing YOU as well… missing being around you and being part of your fun life.

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Again, you obviously need to be careful to not make it too obvious, and you need to get the message to your ex about your fun, interesting, social life. Social media is the easiest way to do so, especially by posting photos or stories. You can also use mutual friends or just find a way to fit it into a natural conversation with your ex, too… but again, be natural about it and don’t come across as though you’re showing off or trying to impress them.

Now, as promised, I saved the best one for last…

#3: Stop Being Part of Their Life!

What is the actual definition of “missing someone”? ‘The feeling of longing for a person’s presence’ or something along those lines. In other words, the simplest and most obvious way to make your ex miss you is to not be there in the first place.

I know this sounds dumb… but you wouldn’t believe how many of my coaching clients simply haven’t thought of it. The LESS you are a part of your ex’s life, the SOONER you go silent after breaking up, and LONGER you stick to No Contact…. The more your ex is going to miss you. It really is that simple, and yet people still find excuses not to employ a period of No Contact even when they’re desperate to get their ex back.

You can employ every other strategy out there, but none of them will work if you continue to be a large part of your ex’s life. If you talk multiple times per day, see your ex regularly, if you’ve made the mistake of agreeing to “be friends” after the breakup… all of those things PREVENT your ex from missing you. How can they miss you when they see and talk to you all of the time?

No Contact is critical. If you want someone to miss you — even if it’s not your ex — disappear as much as humanly possible. That’s why No Contact is so effective and so important… and it’s definitely the best way to win back your ex.

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Before we end, remember what I said at the beginning: if you’re using any of these techniques to make your ex miss you, do it naturally and subtly. Don’t rush into it, make sure you have a good plan first, and don’t force it. You can absolutely make your ex miss you — and oftentimes end up wanting you back — but you need to do it right and you can’t make your intentions known to your ex.